Submitted Date 07/22/2019

Raven silently through her head back in frustration. her emotions that she held for the longest time felt like it was going to over flow. First her Boyfriend cheats on her then she just suddenly has to leave the place she's always known for the fact she wasn't apparently being raised right. She's gone through this for almost two years. Why didnt anyone actually even say anything until now.

"Raven, It will be fine." someone said trying to consol her. she knew it wasn't going to be fine. She was going to live with practically a stranger.

"How would you know? It's not you've ever been forced to live with a stranger!" Raven through her arms up in frustration

. trying hard not to through her backpack on the ground. Trying so hard not to throw anything. She took big breathes. Raven say the look of her best friend after saying that. She felt guilty but it was true. She doesn't know. Both of her parently love her. They give her the world. While mine could careless at this point. My mom can barley even think straight half the time that she is sobber. My father is already gone and died. Really the main ones that raised me was my older sister and a few people.

However even my sister would have to go away. spend time with her friends. Once She actually goes out and lives the life she's always wanted to live. Going out, having a boyfriend, someone to actually give her the right of day and not look at her sisters like everyone else does.

The only one that people look at is never her. Ryder her youngest sister is always hel us. Has the perfect grade and everything that Raven doesn't have. But their is one this she didnt get. To meet their dad. River Their older sister is always the outgoing one. The one everyone notices before even sparing a glance at her.

"Raven!" she heard her friend said. At this point she wanted to say sorry but it never came out. This was the first time that she couldn't say anything back. The first time she couldn't be the one to appologize. Raven looked down at her hands to see her hand clinched into a fist. She had to go. She took on look at her friend. She looked around the class. then, got up and ran. The only thing that felt right. "I'm sorry" she whispeared as she left. Not looking back once. It felt right though. Like nothing felt any better. All the emotions that she held on. The things that went on that she had no control over. Everyting was just fine. Everything was okay. Everything seemed like it was suppose to be that way.


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