Submitted Date 08/24/2019

Grace was getting tired of always being the one to be taken advantage of. You would think after her family telling her that they wouldn't also be the one apart of being taken advantage of.

Grace would always be the one that had the smile on her face. She always was on everyone's everyone leaned to. Even the people closest to her. Her smile was always the reason that others smiled for but on the inside, she knew she was the one hurting and being used. Grace was always on the side. Being the one person people thought they could mess with.

Kevin was the boy who stood out to her. He was the same as everyone else though but Kevin gave Grace the feeling she could never get enough of for the first time. Although she knew it could never last. Five months, into their relationship, It wasn't going strong. Everything was changing. All people wanted to do was use her during the time she was slowly breaking. She felt her heart turning cold but it was no use, Nothing could every change.

Grace was soon taken away from what she thought was her nightmare to be put into something she wasn't used to.

All the Grace has always wanted was someone to hold her. To tell her everything was going to be okay.


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