Submitted Date 03/28/2019

Many people may be wondering what the 2018 farm bill has in store for the CBD industry. For years, it has been illegal to produce because it had been grouped with marijuana although they do not have the same effects on the body. Will this new farm bill be good news for the CBD industry?

So far, the 2018 Farm Bill seems like it is a blessing because it legalized the growing of hemp, which produces this very beneficial concentrate, CBD.

What is the 2018 farm bill?
The 2018 farm bill is a bill that was passed December 12th, 2018, that finally legalized hemp, which has been considered a schedule 1 substance since 1970 under the controlled substance act.

Hemp is produced from the Cannabis plant just like marijuana. The difference is, it is only considered Hemp when it contains less than 0.3% THC, where marijuana can contain anywhere from .3% to 25% THC on the high end. What this means is that hemp doesn’t get you high because it lacks adequate levels of THC.

Hemp is commonly used to produce CBD which is why this bill is important for the CBD industry.

Farmers will be able to farm and produce hemp legally if they are licensed growers but does this make the production of CBD legal as well?

Does it legalize CBD?
This new bill does not legalize CBD. It is still considered a schedule 1 substance under federal law, but don’t let that discourage you because there is good news!

This bill does make CBD legal by federal law in all 50 states under certain circumstances.

Any Cannabinoid that is derived from Hemp will be legal IF that Hemp is produced in a manner consistent with the new farm bill, follows state and federal regulations, and is produced by a licensed grower.

This is a HUGE step in the right direction and could lead to other positive changes in the CBD industry in the near future.

So what exactly does this mean?

This farm bill means great things for CBD producers and retailers alike.

It gives them the green light to create and release new varieties of products for different things including treats for your dogs and so much more!

Check out my last post "Understanding CBD a Little Better" to see all the benefits of CBD!

Take away
This new farm bill is helping the CBD industry tremendously by allowing the production of CBD as long as it follows certain guidelines. This makes CBD products available for purchase almost anywhere in the US so people can begin experiencing the awesome benefits of CBD first-hand and not feel like a criminal in the process!

Keep your eye out for CBD shops because they are popping up everywhere!


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  • Tomas Chough 3 years, 6 months ago

    Very interesting Whitney. I hope this really helps. A lot of peoples lives will benefit tremendously. Thanks for sharing!

  • Miranda Fotia 3 years, 5 months ago

    I am so glad that our country is finally taking a step in the right direction. There are so many medicinal uses for CBD oil and marijuana. I hope they continue to decriminalize it. Great piece!