Submitted Date 11/27/2023

If you block one eye you can't see anything out of that eye, but you can still see out of the other eye, right?

So, you know something is there because you can see it out of one eye, but from your other eye's point of view, there is nothing. (Stay with me)

So, when you're sleeping, are you blocking out everything you can see, and now only seeing everything that has been hiding behind reality?

Could the dream world be me seeing what is always there just hidden by reality?

Is my life (or lives) being lived at the same time just on......different......" frames".

Okay, let's try to break this down...

It's like back in the 90's when DVR didn't exist. (That's right no DVR, none. You even had to watch commercials!)

If you wanted to record something on TV, you had to put a tape into your VCR (just look it up) and press record.

If one day your little brother wanted to record, say, wrestling and took that same tape that you recorded the Saturday night Nsync concert on he could record over it.

Then your little sister decides to record the new episode of Blues Clues and uses your same tape again.

You get home after school on Friday and have plans to stay up all night watching the concert over and over. You could already see those sweet boy band dance moves.

You put your tape into the VCR (again google it) and press play, you start watching and get through the 1st fifteen minutes and the *BAM* wrestling pops up. Before you can get mad *BAM*, there's good ol' Blue's Clues, and then it slips back to Nsync.

All these shows are bleeding into one another, each trying its hardest to overcome and be seen over the others.

Then the last 30 minutes play out and it's just your beloved Nsync, you get over your anger and get up to dance to "Bye, Bye, Bye".

What if the dreams are actual lives trying so hard to be seen over the others?

What if these dreams are real and trying to overcome what we know to be reality?

Dreams man they are a funny thing.


Today was a tough day.

The pain was a lot worse than yesterday. Sometimes the medications help and sometimes they don't.

These strange dreams aren't helping. I woke up feeling like I didn't get any sleep.

My body is always exhausted and drained. I know I'm sleeping; my husband tells me I sleep all night. So why am I always so blah, so what is going on?

Someone's going to think I'm crazy if I tell them, "I think I'm actually not dreaming but living other lives."

Yep, that doesn't scream psychiatric ward at all. I'm sure all the other parents would love for their children to come over to the crazy lady's house.

Thank God for my husband, he helps me so much.

I tend to have a lot of "bad days" and he's always right there helping in the house, with the kids. Just being there for me.

I love him so much.

I can hear, what I think is, all five of the kids getting up.

They'll be in here soon to see if their father and I are awake.

I could fake sleep for a few more minutes but that rarely works.

I could try to sneak away to a private island again. Although I never make it past getting the suitcase out of the closet before one of them comes running in the room, then I'm caught.

My kids can hear my key make just the slightest noise and they come running to find out where "we" are about to go.

Well, at least tomorrow is Sunday. I can attempt to sleep in again. If my mind lets me, these sleepless, yet sleepful nights. What a conundrum.

Time to get up and face reality, yeah, reality.........


Regina M Basile


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