Submitted Date 09/19/2022

She gripped the collar of her shirt as her heart felt like it was going to burst. She hated this. How random they came. As of there was something to be anxious about.

At times it felt like world need to cave in on her. Just for her heart to no be so anxious. She took deep breaths but it didn't help. She attempted to draw to pass this feeling.

yet it hasn't passed. She cant sleep forever for it to pass like she wished. Her breathing became heavier. Just to not have her own self on the floor but it didn't work.

What was to work at a time which she couldn't do as she wished.

She didn't want her anxiety to rule over her yet it didn't seem to be her choice. Her heart raced on it own.

It decide when she was to sleep and even for how long sometimes.

Overthinking seemed to be her only safe haven



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