Submitted Date 06/24/2019

We are winding down national adopt a shelter cat month. There are only a few days for you to get the perfect furry friend for a discount at your shelter. Are you still on the fence about owning a cat? Well, 'I'm hoping this list of reasons why you should own a cat will move your decision closer to "yes, we need a cat."

1. Cats are cute.

'Let's face it; cats are one of the cutest animals on the planet. They come in all kinds of breeds, colors, and sizes. I have seen lots of shelter cats with no pedigrees that melt my heart because of how adorable they are. As far as pedigrees go, I like Scottish Folds and Norwegian Forest cats. Scottish Folds have neatly folded ears and sweet faces. A breed called a Norwegian Forest cats is a significant and hearty cat. I love large cats. I 'don't mean fat necessarily (although I like fat cats) but big built.

2. Cats make great companions.

There is this myth that cats are entirely aloof and pay no attention to their owners. This is entirely untrue. Cats are very loving and social creatures. Are some distant? Yes, and I have found this to be true more in female cats than males. However, I have also taken care of many loving and affectionate female cats as well. It all depends on the cat's unique personality.

For example, when I was in high school, I pet sat for a menagerie of animals, including six cats. One of the female cats, Phoebe, used to jump up on the couch and lay on the textbook I was reading. She wanted to be right up where the humans were and were always looking for a pet or a scratch. She was a beautiful calico Hemmingway Polydactyl with six toes.

My cat Carlton was very affectionate and wanted to be everywhere I was. We had a regular cuddle fest every day when I got home from work. My current cat, Colin, is also very affectionate and loves to be with each human on his own time. Spend some time with each cat at your shelter to help determine their personality.

3. Cats Reduce Stress

Have you ever petted someone 'else's cat and felt calm and relaxed afterward? This is because when we spend time cuddling cats, it releases oxytocin in our brains. This release of oxytocin causes us to feel more calm and peaceful, therefore reducing our stress and even our blood pressure.

4. Cats Help Our Immune Systems

I know this sounds weird because some people are allergic to cats, but 'it's true. Those of us who own cats and 'aren't allergic to them receive a bonus for our immune systems. Pet dander keeps our immune systems working hard to combat other irritants and reducing our risk to allergies and asthma. Also, when children grow up with cats and other animals, they are less prone to pet allergies and other allergies as well.

5. Felines Improve Our Social Life

Owning a cat means that we are less lonely and also improves our social life. How? Cat moms and dads love talking about their fur babies and sharing pictures an anecdotes of all the cute, fun, and quirky things they do. Join cat groups online or volunteer at a cats only shelter or rescue group to help strengthen your social ties and make new friends.

6. Cats Help Us Cope

Dogs and cats can sense our emotions and often jump on our laps or the couch beside us for a cuddle or a pet. This helps us feel less alone and stressed about our current situation. 'It's nice knowing there is another living creature that cares. Our furry friends take care of us just like we take care of them.

7. Cats Are Better For The Environment

If your carbon footprint concerns you, owning a cat is better than a dog. Why? Cats eat less in general and consume more fish than corn or beef products compared to a dog. Therefore, they leave a smaller carbon footprint.

8. Cats Can Help You Find A Date

Women think that guys who own cats are "nicer" and more "sensitive" than those who 'don't. So list that you own a cat on your dating profile However if you find your right match, remember that both your cat and your significant other are in a relationship with you for the long haul.

9. Those Of Us Who Own Cats Are Smart

Studies have found that cat owners usually have college degrees and are more intelligent than those who own dogs. Since smarter people tend to work long hours, cats are the perfect pet for intellectual people.

10. Cats Protect Our Hearts

As mentioned above, cats lower our levels of stress and anxiety. Studies have also concluded that cat owners are less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke compared to those who 'don't own cats.

11. Cats Can Tell Us About Our Personalities

People who own cats tend to be more introverted compared to those who own dogs. They also tend to be more on the quiet side. Cat owners are also perceived as more trustworthy and are more trusting of others as well as being more modest.

12. Cats Help Us Sleep Better

Some people prefer to sleep with their cats because they sleep better. Colin either sleeps on me at night or in between my husband and me and I 'don't mind at all. I love waking up in the middle of the night and hearing him purr. I find it to be very relaxing.

Cats help us in many ways, from health benefits to benefiting us socially and helping us sleep. Take some time today to think about which benefits align with your life and whether you can afford to get a cat. If so, visit your shelter or cat cafe today to find your purrfect feline friend. Remember to spend some time and ask shelters and cafe workers about the personality of each cat you like to find the best match. You only have a few days left this month. You 'won't regret it.



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