Submitted Date 07/21/2020

We all know that there are endless options when it comes to binge-watching Netflix. There are movies and tv shows that range from thrillers to sitcoms about community college! Honestly, I mostly spend time watching the trailers before I even decide what I will be watching that day. So, I am here to help you avoid getting stuck because you don't know what you want to watch. Here is a list of some my favorite International movies and TV shows that you can find on Netflix! Enjoy your binge-watching marathon!

1. Plan Coeur- This French TV show is the perfect balance between comedy and drama. It is 2 seasons long and has enough episodes to have you covered for a week! Also, it is the perfect way of learning a new language while still being entertained. I like to watch it in French while reading Spanish subtitles!

2. Spanish Affair 2- This Spanish movie is one of the funniest I have ever seen in a while! The plot is incredibly witty but will also keep you on your feet. Netflix in the US only has the second one, but you don't really need to watch the first one to understand this one. Enjoy!

3. Despite Everything- Honestly, Spanish movies are some of the most creative when it comes to plots. Most of the movies and TV shows that I have watched from Spain are so different and unique and they also include their impeccable sense of humor. Once you dive deep into this genre, Netflix will definitely recommend other movies that are just as funny.

4. I am not an Easy Man- If you want to watch a movie that will not only make you laugh but will actually make you reflect upon topics such as gender norms, stereotypes and so on, this is the perfect movie for you! This French gem is incredibly well written and will definitely make an impact on you! Remember Netflix has our backs for those of us who don't speak French; make popcorn, put on subtitles and enjoy!

5. Money Heist- You have probably heard about this TV show already, but if you haven't, I am here to change your life. Money Heist is easily one of my favorites and easily the quickest show I have ever watched! Once again, Spanish filmmakers and writers demonstrate their immense ability in writing an original and memorable script! Get ready for an emotional roller coaster.


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