Submitted Date 09/20/2022

Me: "What are you looking at out there?"
Banjo the Dog: "Oh, you know. Birds and bugs."
Me: "Heh! Yeah. There are snakes and alligators out there too, you know."
Banjo the Dog: "Yeah. I'm not really afraid of them, though."
Me: "No?"
Banjo the Dog: "No."
Me: "What are you afraid of?"
Banjo the Dog: "Frogs."
Me: "Frogs? Really?"
Banjo the Dog: "You ever look closely at a frog?"
Me: "I guess I must have at one time or another."
Banjo the Dog: "They're just super creepy."
Me: "Hmm. But don't they serve a purpose in the ecosystem?"
Banjo the Dog: "Purpose?"
Me: "Yeah. I think they eat flies, don't they?"
Banjo the Dog: "If they do, they're not doing a very good job. We still have flies."
Me: "Ah. Yes, we do."
Banjo the Dog: "We have flies AND frogs. I'd rather have the flies and no frogs."
Me: "That's like that one Aesop fable."
Banjo the Dog: "Yeah? Which one?"
Me: "Um, let's see if I can remember it. The donkey said to the horse, 'Isn't it great that the Lord gave us tails to swat the flies away?' And the horse said 'I would have rather had no tail and no flies.'"
Banjo the Dog: "Exactly."
Me: "You would have rather had no flies and no frogs."
Banjo the Dog: "That's right."
Me: "Maybe I'll write a story where all the frogs in the world die and the flies take over."
Banjo the Dog: "Yeah! You can call it 'Lord of the Flies.'"
Me: "Um, well, no. That title is already used up."
Banjo the Dog: "Oh, yeah. I forgot."
Me: "That is a good title, though."
Banjo the Dog: "Yeah."
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