Submitted Date 09/12/2022

Oysters live a cloistered life

Away from cares

And thoughts of strife

They never cry, or laugh I've heard

They probably find

Such acts absurd

While some creatures live

To play and clown

All oysters do, is settle down

They don't complain

They never question

They get no ulcers

Or indigestion

I once asked one

How he could stand

To spend his whole life

There, stuck in the sand

"Isn't it lonesome, away from the lights?

Don't you miss the sounds and the sights?

You're really a stupid creature you know

When all you can do

Is just sit there and grow"

Well, he looked up at me

With one bleary eye

At first I thought

He was going to cry

Then he spoke

With an oyster-lip curl

And said,

"What can YOU make

That compares to a pearl"?



Julie 🌺


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