Submitted Date 04/23/2024

7 on the Richter scale
The surgeon Clamps down on it
The raven clenches it's talons into it

An eagle swoops in, picking off the last batch of innocence you had
That sensation of buzzing right underneath your legs
A chainsaw looms at large to swoop in for the kill
It all sinks in
It suckers punches you off the curb
It waits at the corner to deal you something so enticing that you can't resist
It's all consuming
The Cookie Monster that'll eat anything
It pounds the alarm and forces you to wake up
With chambers in your heart pounding
and ventricles inverting

Confronting shadows that contract on the off beat
Feel a little twist?
That's the simp alarm kicking into high ear
Your chest cavity collapses like sand on the downside
The brain is rational
The heart is not
The heart will pull you down into muddy waters
Like the bottom of a Porto-potty
The shit stirs and settles
Now place yourself in the middle of the ocean with no horizon to reference
No cheat sheet on how to make it off of the rollercoaster that is life
Now you'll understand why there so many love songs written
And you'll hold on for dear life to your flotation device
Unless it has holes in it just like your red sun


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