Submitted Date 01/25/2019

Creative writing is just (not-so-plain) fun! Space travel, magic, mythical creatures…you have the power to create and destroy worlds and to truly explore the depths of your imagination. And the benefits aren’t just for creative authors. It is reported that the late, great Albert Einstein advised that parents have their children read creative literature. The following account was published in the New Mexico Library Bulletin (January, 1958):

“In Denver I heard a story about a woman who was friendly with the late Dr. Einstein, surely acknowledged as an outstanding ‘pure’ scientist. She wanted her child to become a scientist, too, and asked Dr. Einstein for his suggestions for the kind of reading the child might do in his school years to prepare him for this career. To her surprise Dr. Einstein recommended ‘fairy tales and more fairy tales.’ The mother protested this frivolity and asked for a serious answer, but Dr. Einstein persisted, adding that creative imagination is the essential element in the intellectual equipment of the true scientist, and that fairy tales are the childhood stimulus of this quality!”

So now that you’ve been thoroughly convinced by me and Einstein, try your hand at these 25 writing prompts that are out of this world.

1. You are among the first group of people living in an underwater community
2. Someone close to you accidently witnesses you using one of your superpowers
3. You discover a planet where every creature has wings
4. One of your cherished possessions comes alive
5. Write a love story between the dead and the living
6. You have the ability to jump into photographs
7. You discover that you’re a character in a video game
8. There’s a secret world inside the clouds
9. You wake up in the place where all the missing pens go
10. You have a near-death experience and witness the other realm
11. Write from the perspective of a minor character in a sci-fi
12. One of your parents is a robot
13. The world you live in is a coloring book
14. You find out that every public library is really a portal to…
15. You put a curse on your classmate/coworker but it doesn’t go the way you planned
16. An agency captures you after learning you can fly
17. A child is on a camping trip when horns start growing from their head
18. Your partner’s hands change material (glass, wood, cotton) based on extreme emotion
19. You come face-to-face with a dragon
20. Write about the real Miss/Mr. Universe
21. Prisoners stumble upon a gateway to another galaxy
22. One of the planets suddenly disappears
23. A teen finds an abandoned bag with a magic wand inside, and a note of caution
24. Your blood can change into other liquids
25. You can speak to the unborn


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