Submitted Date 12/02/2022


I didn't know it would hit so hard

Boy, you have played every wild card

No wonder I keep up my guard

My weapon; a blasted glass shard


My heart has finally broken

I'll keep our love as a token

Far too much has gone unspoken

I only wish I wasn't broken


I hoped it'd be achievable

Something that seems believable

Now it is inconceivable

My dreams are unbelievable


I dreamt that I'd be much better

I wouldn't ever be a settler

I was always a go-getter

Until I read that damn letter

I figured out I'm just a fool

Reality; she's been cruel

I'm mistaken, not a jewel

And I blend in with this cesspool


So, I pulled out my best shotgun

Prepared to target anyone

I feel like I am on the run

Like my life; another rerun








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