Submitted Date 02/27/2019

If you’re currently in college, you may have dipped your toe into the online dating world. But what you might not have considered is how similar online dating is to applying for jobs.

Think about it, you share a brief background or resume about yourself which lets someone know if you are the right fit for the job (or the relationship). However, the most important part of all of this is when you finally meet in person. It could be that first meetup with your Tinder crush, or going into to interview with the hiring manager for a job your interested in-- no matter the situation, you are likely going to be nervous.

The point is, you’ve been in these positions before and when it comes to interviewing for a job, you can’t let the nerves get to you. So here are some tips for new graduates on making that first meeting with your potential employer a great one!

1. Do your research
This might sound obvious to research the company you are applying for. Although, most people don’t realize that they also need to research the position they are applying for. Some interviewers might ask you about the position and you want to be prepared to answer. Having this prior knowledge can also help you tailor your responses to represent the candidate they're looking for.

2. Prepare stories that demonstrate your resume-listed skills
Just like online dating, a profile might give you a good sense of who a person is, but that first meeting allows you to prove your credibility. If you list skills such as conflict resolution, leadership, or adaptability-- the interviewer might ask you to explain a workplace situation that is an example of those qualities. Review your list of skills and make sure you have an experience to share with them that will back it up and prove that your resume is truthful.

3. Act confident
When being interviewed, you are not in the position of power. Do not give in to this feeling and allow it to diminish your confidence. Even if you don’t feel confident, fake it til you make it! To further ensure your confidence, prepare yourself to your best ability so you can remind yourself that you can portray yourself as the candidate they are looking for.

4. Prepare Questions
Not only should you research common interview questions you will need to answer, but you should consider the questions you want to ask. At the end of many interviews, they will likely ask you if you have any additional questions. Prepare a list of questions that you are genuinely curious about, even questions that might make you stand out (if you want to be really bold… ask, “why wouldn’t you hire me?). This will show that you are inquisitive and want to be prepared for this position if you were to be hired. Always end by asking the next steps of the interview process.

5. Find your voice and make it heard
Going into an interview, they want to know who you are. How can you explain this to them if you haven’t thought deeply about it? Take time to self reflect on what makes you unique and the genuine interests you want to highlight in your career. Having a sense of self will not only boost your confidence but help you make a lasting impression to separate you from other candidates

6. Incorporate relevant school projects
After you graduate, you will have a variety of project experience, both individual and collaborative. Consider those most successful projects and highlight your role in it, that contributed to its success. Relate these experiences to exemplify the values of the company. Go one step further and bring that project into the interview to help further your credibility.

7. Take pride in your fresh educational perspective
Industries are always changing and your college education likely will seek to adapt to it. Most companies are looking for new ideas and knowledge that results from the changes that are happening within the industry. Remember, being fresh out of college does not mean you are inexperienced, it means you can present a modernized outlook, instead of an outdated one that older graduates don’t possess.

Just because you are a recent graduate, doesn’t mean you should feel underqualified. Take pride in your education, reflect on it, and prepare to impress the interviewer with who you are.

Hopefully, this article has helped you out! Feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to see more content like this and check out my other stories.

Replace intimidation with curiosity. Be your authentic self with everyone you meet, so you make authentic connections.


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