Submitted Date 02/04/2024

You may run out of day

Eclipsing the horizon

with the adrenaline that flows through you

The fear that stalks you

The trees that take root in the nest of your stomach

Snap off those branches

No different from another apendage

Outrun the day

You'll realize it nothing ain't like it seems


Take another pill

Numbs your inhibitions

Has you flowing through a trance

The canvas that serves as your backdrop

to your life, washed up in color

As the horizon peels, slides down

Reduced to a mere corner

Churn out whatever else remains in your stomach like rotten butter

Ain't nothing like it seems

Nor will it ever be.


Pop, crack, boom

As your real apendix aches

The tender loins that give your back frame

Begin to fall out

The ripple, it oscillates

The speed of light can't match the sound when your disbelief is suspended

And your third eye is opened

Unlocked right under your nose that's been clogged for the longest while

Spinal fluid gets crushed as your spine gets crushed

Gravity is a dog that we can't outrun

It folds and splits us like atoms, unevenly distributed

It dissects us down to protons and neutrons and electrons

The numbers don't add up, but the science is settled

When you leave your feet and become unsettled

The stars suspended in the sky will never confuse you again

It's a sign, a warning

An apparition from a past memory you can't unlock

Ain't nothing like it seems

Nor will it ever be.


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