Submitted Date 12/16/2019

Fluffy coats. Warm drinks. Early nights.

For many people, the winter season is a time for staying in and reconnecting with family. I, for one, can fondly recall gathering with my uncles and grandparents for game nights full of laughter and hearty dinners during this time of year. It's an opportunity to slow down, and hopefully, a chance to invest more time into personal writing projects. To get those creative fireflies a-buzzing, fill up a cup of winter tea and try out these 20 cozy family writing prompts.

1. Upon cleaning the attic, cousins discover a family heirloom that will change their lives forever.

2. After years of infertility, a couple find out they are expecting.

3. Convinced this will be their last year together, a teen travels to their homeland to interview their grandmother.

4. A shopping list hanging on a mother's fridge reveals more than intended.

5. Someone arrives just in time to save the family business.

6. A runaway pet brings two families together.

7. An adopted youth buys an item from a thrift store that connects them to their biological family.

8. Parents take a last minute flight to surprise their child with life-changing news.

9. A rich aunt invites her relatives to visit for the first time.

10. A family wins a vacation but there's one catch.

11. An adolescent realizes their younger sibling is not like other kids.

12. Two lonely parents connect when their children star in a school play together.

13. A man goes on a quest to find his great uncle, who he was named after.

14. A famous artist returns home to attend a family reunion.

15. A middle-aged person receives an email from their father for the first time.

16. A light-hearted sibling rivalry brings fun and adventure.

17. One family member's commitment to having a healthier lifestyle has hilarious consequences.

18. Family members reunite to clean out their childhood home before it's sold.

19. A family gets selected as contestants on a televised game show.

20. While travelling, a college student sees a statue of a person who shares their unique family name.


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