Submitted Date 07/30/2019

Good afternoon all. I am super excited to announce a new book series is in the works.

The Draw of Darkness Series is in the plotting phase. Book One "Seduction's Call" reveals a story of forbidden love and hidden desires.

Genevieve (Vee) Moreau is a 22-year-old college junior at the Delure Academy of Law. She dreams of being a child advocate after graduation, that is until she meets Eli and her plans change.

Elija (Eli) Dumont is just another vampire in the world of humans. He has found a new interest in the world, now that he doesn't have to hide who he is. Finding his way in this new age he is perfectly happy with his life of darkness until she enters his world and shines a light on what has been missing.

Vee finds that immortality beckons as passions ignite. Will she give in to Seduction's Call.

Look for updates on this new series and the continuation of the La Flor Manor series in future posts.

Join in the writing adventure. Leave a comment with name ideas for the growing list of cast members in the Draw of Darkness Series. You could find your choice in one of the books to come. As always, thank you for all of your support in this writing adventure. Have an inspired day and never stop looking for inspiration around every corner.

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  • Ceara 3 years, 10 months ago

    How exciting! A name that suddenly popped into my head is Drew (for a female character). Good luck with this new adventure. I look forward to updates about it :)

    • Mary Jaimes-Serrano 3 years, 10 months ago

      Thank you, Ceara. I answered this the other day from my phone, however, since I don't see it here, I will answer it again. I have been working on this new book and Drew has become the FMC rival for the MMC. Thank you for the suggestion. Have a great week.