Submitted Date 04/03/2019

To be perpetually busy is okay in this society. But the ones who get home and create a lovely and inviting atmosphere there with their loved ones are doing it right. I’ve always wanted this kind of living environment for myself, and I’ve made sure to take some mental notes of what I want and hope to create in my own life. Feel free to take, relish and share.


1. Be proactive in cleaning up messes so that when you want to relax, you can. I find that it’s always best to do a little clean up here and there instead of saying “out of sight, out of mind” and having to take care of a big mess in the morning. Just do things slowly and get them out of the way. Everyone will be happier.


2. Your room should be your private sanctuary. What my mom always said was true: when you have a clean room, you have a healthy mind. Some practical advice: In the morning, open your blinds and let the light in. No matter how tired you are, make the bed. And pick up the clothes on the floor. You’ll be surprised how much cleaner your room gets and how wonderful you feel.


3. Make cooking a priority. I don’t know about you, but it takes a toll on my body when all I have time to eat are quick little snacks or unhealthy grab and go foods from the grocery store. I don’t like rushing and grabbing just whatever for lunch at work. Instead, I have made it a habit to prioritize my cooking and meal prepping time. Even if it means losing an extra hour of sleep, I know I’ll sleep happy because I can rest knowing I took care of our meals.


4. Actually spend time with those around you. When we rush from one place to the next, we forget about just spending time laughing and enjoying the moments with our friends and family. In our disconnected world, we need to cherish intimate times with the people who make us feel right at home and let that recharge us so we can go on another day. Trust me, it has a way of really relaxing you.


5. Step out of the ordinary. The day to day can be boring. Do new things everyday that make you happy. Some days, I’ll make tea and some days I won’t. I just know the variation makes me happy. You don’t always have to cross your T’s and dot your I’s, just do what makes you feel good in the moment.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this and I hope you take some of these tips home with you.



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