Submitted Date 12/07/2020

Hang off the bridge

Meant to send you on your way to somewhere else

The reflection of the river reads blank

A rusty axis pulls you up

Seeing more down under

And in between, than at first

Flat-earthers begone


By a thread

The burden that sculpted itself on your shoulders unwinds and

Becomes like the snakes that leap out of the surface


There's more that drops out of my pockets than my shoulders could imagine

On display for a vastness that slurs along

My keys, phone, wallet and all the other possessions, once possessed by

and passed on


No worries,

A passenger at the station,

New adventures await

This is a phase to something else

Less primitive, less barbaric


New belongings will be provided

For you



You were meant to leave this earth

At once

Your earth, deep down

It will be something groundbreaking


Your earth will come anew

Let the axis swing and spin

Right, left, right, left

Up, down, up, down


Just got to dangle


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