Submitted Date 05/04/2021

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

For a rat gestating in a shed

Down the rat hole the rat's mind sputters out

Down the rabbit hole he looks for a fallen brother, to no avail

Boiling in melted larvae

Representing the shit that he forgot to throw out

Guilt is the thug lurking around the corner

Should've taken that therapist's advice

Should've talked to my demons and exhaled vice

Posted in the corner of my truncated bed

I can see it

I'm setting up the perfect shot for the sniper who has his eyes all on me.


They're all after me

I'm just too lazy to do anything about it.


Me, irritated

Because I have to put on sunscreen

My whole room is a beach

that my feet drag their way through


My thoughts itch

I slipped out of the cracks of the broken education system

Just to find myself at the back of the line at unemployment


He's the exterminator

And I'm the rat

Everyone has their suspicions and contempt for the devil

To the unenlightened, the truly indoctrinated

Everything is a conspiracy

And symbols are the cherry on top to a wonderful marketing campaign


It's better to be a rat than a roach

Roaches get stepped on and swept away

Rats at least have a chance to run

But where do I run to?

I don't have a car

A plane can't take me where I want to go


I want to go to the underworld

Reclaim it from Satan's poor mismanagement

Recreate it into a country club where addicts, cynics,

Artists, liberals and conservatives who don't along with consensus

Have a place to themselves

But I've got to get off my ass

Stop watching so many war movies

And derivative rom-coms

War and love

The two emotions, areas of though that men play with too much

To be a hero

You have to eat dirt, and swallow shit

Take it like a man!

Not be the byproduct, damaging the environment with toxic masculinity


Sunlight is the best disinfectant


It penetrates your pores

You need it to survive

And it wakes you up from the lies



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