Submitted Date 05/08/2020

I remember the car

Me, Tommy, Ben and Kylie drove in

Back then

Time stood still

But everything else kept moving

The air gliding off my face

Was a refreshing slap

We didn't know where we were going

No end destination in mind

We just wanted to be free

To test the limits, with any pushback that comes

Had to test Newton's First Law for ourselves


To be in one lane, and occupy all others

To be invincible with our chests sticking out


Then we proceeded to throw our watches out the window

Burn in our misguided glory

Ride to our tunes, our jams, whatever bumps in the whip

And still keep going with a smile

If a roadblock came up

As if the gods allowed us to borrow their precious power

We would strike it down with thunder


We were crafty and innovative

We rolled up our own cigarettes

Lit with a stolen lighter from the closest gas station

We stopped at

We helped a couple out with a flat-tire, stranded on the side of the road

They asked how old we were

We asked if they needed some help


We were smarter than we came across as

Call it classy dysfunction

Say fuck you to high school

Wolves in the pack, bound by our stupidity and beautiful ignorance

We were hollering to whoever could hear us up there

If there was someone, anyone up there

We hoped at somepoint, they would answer back.


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