Submitted Date 03/06/2024

Who says that you can't do it all? Well, the next time someone tells you this, prove them wrong by showing them it's possible. Live your life to the fullest by achieving success and experiencing new adventures. This should be your motto for a fulfilling life.

But if you doubt this motto, let us take you through the journey of the multifaceted personality of Linus Christiansson. The list of his successful ventures is so long that one might wonder how a person can achieve this much in just one life. Well, the reality is we all have one life only, and we have no option to leave our passions, desires, and dreams unattended and unfulfilled. A life lived with regrets is of no significance. One can really achieve everything he wants.

This article delves into Linus Christiansson's numerous milestones and successful ventures. Or should we say Linus Beatskip?

Linus has two pseudonyms, Linus Beatskip, and Rock Bottom; the artist's names entail his music production expertise. But Linus hasn't been a music producer since the beginning of his professional career despite having a passion for music and production.

So, from where did Linus' journey start?

Linus started his professional journey focused on graphic and web design, art, coding, UI, and UX, among other things, and he ran his own web agency and design studio. He also started a clothing company and some other projects. Linus's entrepreneurial journey resulted from the opportunities he availed when he was farfetched from his passion for music production.

Linus is also the Founder and owner of Studio Linus. He serves as a Creative Designer, Art Designer, and System developer. Studio Linus is a Brand Design and web development Studio. It started with Circuit Underground Techno/House/Art subculture in 1995, Sweden's first online/print fanzine. Carried on with advertising agency Helvetica AB, which was founded in Malmö 1996 by Linus and two other partners.

It started as a web agency, ended as a full advertising agency, and sold to Imperiet Reklambyrå 2008. The Moffajinko Freelance Agency was founded working with digital- & print solutions. As the results, profile, and it was time while the competence field expanded, Linus established and settled it into Studio Linus.

BEATSKiP GEAR is an independent Streetwear brand powered by Beatskip music, which was created by Linus.

In addition to these entrepreneurial ventures, Linus was part of three founding, designing the award-winning kids wear brand Beau & Rooster. Designing luxury sleepwear with an urban touch. The most comfortable sleepwear on the market with unique patterns designed by Linus. He won Gold in Kids Fashion Award UK, among other things.

Additionally, he decided to become a Les Mills instructor, as fitness has always been a prominent part of his life. Linus is a Personal Trainer (IPT), Les Mills® Advanced BodyPump, BodyCombat Instructor, and TRX Instructor. Moreover, Linus also serves as a Swedish firefighter and smoke diver.

All these were successful ventures, but Linus felt an emptiness inside him. While fulfilling his various commitments, Linus realized his passion for music and production, which was interrupted and left unattended when he was leading fitness classes, moving and training to music. Linus rediscovered his long-lost passion for music and started pursuing it with a new creative mindset and new experiences.

With a clearer view of what he wanted to express, Linus dedicated his time and energy entirely to music production. Now, he is a music producer, artist, DJ, composer, and Founder and Owner of the record labels Beatskip Records and Beatskip Dance and has released over thirty tracks to date.

Today's Linus is associated with the electronic music industry, design industry, fitness industry, customer support systems, advertising/branding, web development, and graphical design.

In conclusion, Linus Christiansson's journey is a true inspiration for all those who believe that they can't do it all. From entrepreneurship to music production, design to fitness, and firefighting, Linus has proven that one can achieve everything he desires. His passion for music and production was left unfulfilled for a long time, but he never gave up. Linus's journey is proof that one can achieve everything he wants with hard work, dedication, and a clear vision.


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