Submitted Date 09/06/2019

"Sometimes it seems like I flying or soaring high whenever I'm just hitting the ground, and sometimes not even the ground can catch me. Sometimes it feels like the ground is swallowing me pulling me deeper down" It feels like sometimes I can't be enough for no one. Not even me.

I groan as I look up at the dark sky. singing to the words I just wrote down. It feels like any day is the moment it will all come crashing down on me, like the last time.

Tears fall down my face. I heard the door open and close from behind me. I look over my shoulder and barely even smile.

My brother sits right next to me. I lean on him. He sighs mumbling something that I couldn't understand. "It'll be okay," he says to me. I already know that but somethings telling me it won't. I clench my hand in frustration. "I'm tired of the emotions and being the only one like this," I say to shout but not too loud.

"Sis," my brother said sounding sad. I look away not wanting to look into his eyes. I remember the last time I spoke like this. "Sis, it will get better. These emotions, Your not the only one who feels this. At the moment it seems like your hitting the ground but remember all the times you got to soar? Instead of thinking of yourself flying why don't you help others to fly. Be someone else's guardian angel." My brother says and I look at him.

"We're going to be moving somewhere new where you have the opportunity to do so," He says and smiles. That's the only good thing I found out about today. "You don't think they'll treat me the same as they do here right?" I ask hopefully. To scared to look at him, the answer I turned and looked at the ground.


"I have an idea!" He says smirking. I look back at him confused. "Transformation" He suggests wiggling his eyebrows. "We've got a few months until this school year ends and we can let them see you as you slowly transform into a more confident you" I smile thinking about it. I nod. "Let's do it," I say and he jumps up excited. "I'll call Kassi over," He says referring to his best friend smiling. I smirk as he walks up to his room to call Kassi.

My brother come down after talking to Kassi smiling.

Twenty minutes later, Kassi comes to the door .....


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  • Rick Doble 2 years, 11 months ago

    Be glad you have such a perceptive and sympathetic brother -- many people don't. My siblings did not understand me at all.