Submitted Date 03/17/2019

She told him long before,
That they were not real,
Just an illusion,
What he has and had,
So unforgivingly bad,
That when perception was put to the test,
He couldn't envision,
Seeing anything less,
Any and everything else,
Had to be some of the best,
Blind-eyed from the truth
Easily fooled by the emptiness,
Of what he longed for,
Easy to forget reality,
When reality is not smiling back at me,
A victim of deception,
Floating high on candies, video games, and drive-thru windows,
Like some highway Wonderland,
he sunk emphatically into depression,
Fine print lighter than a whisper,
Hard to see a label when riding Willy Wonka Golden ticket high,
On the Tidal wave me my black card,
Leaving the side effects guessing to your discretion,
I lay bewildered and I think,
If I only knew now,
What I knew today,
Wouldn't be buried alive,
In the house she built,
With dirt in my face and dirt on my name,
Had I taken a second to see the grass,
Veer ye!
That faithful day,
I'd see the shade turn 90 degrees,
made it seem so much greener,
But the truth was,
There was no foundation for such a treasure,
Spots in my peripheral,
Looking ahead,
No small talk can blind you from your projection.



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