Submitted Date 10/09/2022

I got mud in my hair

I got shit on my boots

I'll meet you at the fair

Go round up the troops


We got jeans and a tank

Live by belt buckle laws

No touching my rank

Let's hear the applause


My ego's as big as Texas

Nothing can stop the stampede

Every time he flexes

It makes me want to feed


I'm wild as a desert flower

I'm bold and as this text

When others will cower

I ask "What's coming next?"


I've turned into something

Of that I do not know

I've given everything

To always give "the go"


Looking back don't change it

Although we can always dream

Just a little tiny bit

To surpass the extreme


It doesn't give us hope

It doesn't give us a way out

Life don't hand you a rope

When you can free climb without


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