Submitted Date 03/07/2020

10 Ways To Save More Time Every Day

Do you desire to save more time in your days? Does it seem like you cannot get things accomplished? Read these 10 ways to save time in your life every day!

View of "Reality"

It seems things are getting more time consuming than ever before. Now is the dawn of the day, the next is the dusk. You keep nurturing the thought that if extra minutes are added to your day, then you can get everything in place.

The truth is no extra minutes can be added to the 1440 minutes obtained in a day. But hey! There is good news. You can save more time every day by following these simple steps!

Here is a list of 10 ways you can save time for yourself every day.

1. Organize your tasks the night before

This is a great place to start! Try to write out before you go to bed, your plans for the next day. Arrange them in the best way possible to suit your personality.

Follow your plan as it is. At least focusing on the most critical tasks of the day. Life will always get in the way of the things you love. So, also determine the top three things you desire to accomplish for the day.

Other activities will seem to take precedence over the most important things you desire to accomplish. Always make time for those BIG goals in your life – even if you take one step at a time towards achieving them!

2. Shut out distractions when focused on essential tasks

Another critical thing to consider is to shut out distractions, primarily when focusing on the most important tasks. Do we have to answer that e-mail or text message right away? Is there a time of the day you can accomplish more with fewer distractions – such as before the children get up in the mornings?

Notifications can all too often distract us and pull us into taking more time away from our most important tasks of the day. E-mails, calls, SMS, should be kept on mute or do not disturb whenever you want to save time on more significant projects. Putting your full concentration on a project can help you save time every day.

3. Learn shortcuts which bring increased efficiency

Shortcuts here does not imply rushing through existing job tasks. If your work requires the use of specific applications, these applications usually will have shortcut keys.

Learn the short cut keys and use them often. You may not know now the amount of time you are saving daily. But it will reflect in time savings at the end.

Follow shorter routes to go to routine places. Or, even if you are taking some time during the weekend. Seek out the quickest way to get there. This will allow you to have more time to spend enjoying activities at the focal destination.

4. Accomplish small and easy tasks in the evening

Many times, we often desire to do short and easy jobs first thing in the day. Yes, this does allow us to feel like we have accomplished more, but has it? When looking at our BIG goals in life, they are often set aside because we run out of energy doing all the other little things.

So, why not try accomplishing some of your bigger goals in the earlier half of your day first? Then, you can achieve those small and manageable tasks later in the day when your energy levels are lower. Eventually, you will gain a sense of accomplishing more – because you are moving forward towards your bigger dreams and bigger goals – those goals which matter MORE to you!

5. Understand jobs more perfectly before proceeding

Do you have a job task in front of you that you have no idea where to start? Then, maybe you need to take some time to do research. Or, you can seek out some how-to videos to watch. The critical thing to remember is to set a timer on how long you will spend on the research – so that it does not become a "time suck."

In the long run, you will learn more about the task at hand. And, you can jump into the task with more confidence, know-how, and do a more efficient job. This will save you time over the long distance of completing the task.

6. Save time while preparing meals for the household

How often do you decide at the last minute what your family will be eating for dinner? Then, you may be exhausted and just decide to go out to eat. But how much better to cook healthier foods at home!

Save time by planning out meals ahead of time. Choose meals that are easy to make. You can even create a variety of freezer meals to add to the crockpot with little effort.

Consider the following to help save time: buy in bulk, cook extra, store adequately, plan ahead of time. These will help you save time every day.

7. Regulate your online time & social media browsing

Many enjoy online time and social media browsing. But, how often does it take away vast amounts of time doing our most important tasks?

Regulating your time online and taking part in social media browsing will help you to save time in your day. Move away from mindlessly surfing and towards intentional time blocking in this area. Decide ahead of time how much time is your limit for the day and stick with it!

8. Do not just travel, invest the time

If you use a carpool or commute by train or bus, then you can use this time more wisely. While commuting, perform little tasks such as checking your e-mail or viewing your notifications.

9. Set helpful reminders

Reminders are beneficial. It helps you keep track of your timetable. You will be reminded of the tasks at hand for the day.

10. Delegate less important tasks

Whenever possible, find some help for minor jobs. This can allow you to focus on the more critical tasks while saving time.

Create A New Daily Routine

Saving time in various ways can become a daily routine for you. Choose one or two tasks above, to begin with. Use them to add more time to your days for this week. Then, you can add more to your daily routine in the weeks ahead. The result will be saving more time to focus on the things you love!


Barbi Green


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