Submitted Date 09/20/2022

We are all just animals with unique desires

Some are more instinctual & some choices we make

Unruly, untamed, feelings burn like a wildfire

No thoughts of consequence or what we might break


Fight or flight, one of them will rule

Humans think they're smarter but they can lie

When man is faced with danger, he will be a fool

The lion is ready to fight, he has no fear to die


We think we make ourselves who we really are

It isn't all in our control, like a caged beast we act

Our bodies react before we think ahead too far

A wild animal kills for reason, his behaviors are exact

We just swing to hit hard & leave our opponent a scar

There is a reason our species dies when we're attacked


Homo sapiens are the least tactful species out there

We think because we make tools like an ape we are smart

In fact, we are evil and are killing ourselves, unaware

Most of us don't think with our heads, only our heart


We kill ourselves and poison the world we all live in

We study the planet and how it has evolved

We fail to think too far ahead, we leave behind our kin

It took us millions of years to realize the earth revolves


Afraid of what will happen, we fail to see the present

Life revolves around the future & what we will do

We work ourselves so hard that we are completely spent

Just to have a clue, an indication we're smarter than those at the zoo


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