Submitted Date 09/09/2019

There once was a baby bunny named Gweny.


Baby Bunny Gweny loved to hop.


Hop, hop, hop everywhere she went.


One day, Baby Bunny Gweny hop, hop, hopped to the garden.


In the garden, she found plump, red strawberries.


Baby Bunny Gweny loved strawberries.


Her tiny nose blinked as she sniffed the delicious fruit.


Only one, her momma had said.



Too many sweets will upset your tummy.


Baby Bunny Gweny slowly nibbled a big, juicy berry.


Nibble, nibble, nibbled it until it was gone.

Baby Bunny Gweny decided to hop, hop, hop through the meadow.


Butterflies fluttered as she hopped in the tall grass.


Thick blades of grass made Baby Bunny Gweny's nose twitch.


Chasing butterflies made her hungry again.


Good thing momma had taught her which grasses to eat.


Some are a treat while others are a meal.


Baby Bunny Gweny chose wisely and ate her fill.


After a quick nap in the hollow of a tree, Baby Bunny Gweny headed home.


On her way, she met a tiny chipmunk named Charlie.


His cheeks were stuffed with acorns he had gathered.


Charlie worked hard to store up for winter.


Baby Bunny Gweny told Charlie goodbye.


She continued home, eager for momma's loving embrace.



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  • Ceara 4 years, 8 months ago

    So cute! Love the images along with the writing. I find myself wondering more about Charlie the chipmunk and could see the story expanding more around him and Baby Bunny Gwenny together.

    • Carrie VanHoose 4 years, 8 months ago

      He will be in his own book soon. Along with Baby Bunny Gweny of course. 😆

  • No name 4 years, 8 months ago

    I love this! Anything with buns and I'm happy!