Submitted Date 07/18/2022

Death by Mistrust


Never would I ever trust a living soul again

They never do anything but lie right to your face

It is not worth the time nor is it worth the strain

Trying to have people close is like running a race


Always trying to be the one to reach out

Yet never does it do any god damn good

I will waste my energy there isn't a doubt

I'd be better off beating my head off hardwood


Unfortunately, there are times you must try to believe

Your fate rests in their hands and it feels so wrong

Even then it's better to expect that you will grieve

There is truly never a time you don't have to be strong


If I ever were to do it all over and let myself trust

I know it would be the second biggest mistake I ever made

Believing humans is like asking for death by mistrust

The stress that it causes you will never ever fade


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