Submitted Date 03/19/2021

Not to be confused with the poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, here is a little something I wrote after taking the photo in this blog during my last trip to England with my sister in 2010. Enjoy!


He sits and watches you intently,

His black eyes filled with shrewd wonder.

You are not the first one to be fascinated by him,

Nor will you be the last.

His life is on this hill, this patch of city known as the Tower.

To leave would be to cause certain doom.

The tether at his leg bothers him not,

For it is a small price to pay for food and lodging.

And to ensure the safety of a nation.

He squawks and ruffles his feathers,

Before turning back to his meal,

This dark guardian,

The raven.


© 2021, Beth A. Freely

Photo © 2021, Beth A. Freely


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