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Back to school time is here and life can become crazy this time of year! Schedules are changing, and there are more activities added to the family's schedule!

Do you desire to decrease your stress levels during back to school time? Do you need to become more organized to help with the family changes? Then, take a few minutes to read this back to school list of organization ideas!

New Back To School Schedules & Planning

With back to school time, come more changes to the family's schedule. So, let's view some ideas to help you during this time of change:

Sleep Schedules – Now is the period to start adjusting the time the children go to sleep at night and get up in the mornings. If possible, having a period of adjustment will help. If your school time has not started yet, plan to make sleeping schedule adjustments a few weeks to go time.

School Supply Planning – Planning your shopping lists for school supplies will help relieve the stress, which often ensues. Necessary school supplies can be purchased ahead of time. Then, when you have your class school lists in hand, you can finish up your school shopping more easily.

Easier Mornings – Morning times during school time can be stressful, especially for larger families. Making the morning transitions as easy as possible will help you be more successful. Some ideas, including laying clothes out the night before, placing backpacks by the front door, and be consistent with your morning routine.

Easy Breakfast Options – Provide easy breakfast options for the family on school days. This process can involve creating a simple breakfast center where older children can make their breakfast. Place bowls and cereal in an easy to reach locations. Place clear bins on lower shelves where children can grab small fruit cups, raisins, or other quick breakfast items.

Back To School Home Organization Tips

Keeping the home organized is a plus during the school months. Here are some ideas which will help keep the home running smoothly:

Organized Laundry Spaces – Create a system to organize your laundry space. The system must be functional for your family. This process can include how the laundry is sorted and where the clothes are folded. Use small baskets so the younger (and older) children can help maintain laundry chores.

Family Command Center – Creating a central location as a family command center is useful in many ways. The center can include a calendar system with back to school activities listed, and area for needed items from the store as well as a place to quickly sort the incoming/outgoing mail.

Speed Cleaning Sessions – There is a time to deep clean, and there is a time to do speed cleaning sessions. During school months, it is a great time to incorporate quick 15-minute to 30-minute cleaning sessions. Each day of the week can include one specific room or area to speed clean.

After-School Organization

Organization for after school activities are as important as good morning starts. Decrease the stress of after school transitions by adding these ideas to your organization list:

Entry Way – When children come home to have an after-school plan for the entryway. This plan can be such a time saver. Children after school time can quickly create a new routine (with your help). Provide a place for their backpacks, umbrellas, rain boots, and sports equipment. Teach them the new after school time routine.

After School Snacks – Create an area where the children can get a quick after school snack. This area can include a place for fresh fruit, small healthy packaged snacks, and juice boxes or water bottles in the fridge.

Home Study Area – For children who will be having regular homework create a home study area for them to complete schoolwork. The home location includes a place to read and write. Simple resources may consist of dictionaries, ruled school paper, copy paper, pencils, markers, and other daily needed items.

Dinner & Evening Routines

Making dinner and evening routines easy will help to finish the day successfully. This process can include pre-planning quick and easy dinner meals, scheduled family time, and bedtime routines.

Evening Meals – Pre-plan quick meals for the family making use of the crockpot, and instant pot. Freezer meals are a favorite for many families. Freezer meals involve creating 15 or 30 days of meals ahead of time. The food items are placed in the freezer until needed. The meal can then be pulled out of the freezer the night before or the morning of to thaw (or be put in the crockpot for the day).

Family Time – Taking time with the family is essential for bonding with the children. Discussion can take place at mealtime or during the evening chores. The children can express what they learned during the day. Parents and caregivers can provide encouragement and comfort during bedtime rituals.

Creating An Action Plan For Your Family

What areas of back to school organization adds stress to your life? What things can you change or pre-plan to make your life easier? Maybe, you are not a morning person and morning routines need to be your primary area of focus. Alternatively, perhaps you feel drained by the evening time. So, evening routines can be your main focus for starts.

Now is the time to create an action plan for your family. Think about specific areas you desire to change and make better for this new school year. Look at your morning routines, home organization habits, and evening time processes.

Make Small Changes

Start with small changes, such as creating a simple meal plan for the school year. Take 30 minutes to one hour to organize your entryway. Alternatively, if school papers tend to get out of hand during the year, create a place for important notes and other school papers.

Be Patient & Give Yourself Grace

With implementing new changes, be patient if things are not working out. Part of the equation of stress is shifting the mindset to "I can do this, and I can make needed changes."

Give yourself grace and make adjustments as needed. Every family's' back to school organization will look different. One process which works well for one household may not work well for your family. You can take one step at a time, moving forward to positive change in your life!

Do you have other concepts you would like to share? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!



Barbi Green


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