Submitted Date 01/16/2019

In recent years there has been a lot of excitement about a new health supplement on the market: CBD. As a first-time buyer, the wide selection of products can be a bit overwhelming. There are oils, balms, edibles and more—all with different concentrations and specifications. Many are still unsure what CBD even is, and yet it sells in the hundreds of millions annually. With all the options available, how do you find a CBD product that fits your needs?



CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a holistic organic compound derived from the marijuana plant. Unlike medicinal marijuana CBD doesn’t produce a “high” sensation, so it’s not any different than taking a daily multivitamin. In fact, the FDA has deemed certain forms of CBD to be safe enough for consumption by children. Unlike other supplements, though, users of CBD claim that it can have life-changing effects within days.


Honestly I myself have been skeptical of CBD in the past. But in researching the topic to write this article, I’ve been astounded at some of the testimonials I’ve come across. People with aggressive chronic conditions have claimed unbelievable recoveries almost overnight. Especially when it comes to pain, inflammation and anxiety (all very stubborn medical problems), it seems that CBD has made a real impact in countless lives.


Most CBD products have similar properties. Pretty much any way you take it, CBD seems to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, pain, inflammation, GI disorders (like Crohn’s and IBS), headaches, certain mental disorders (including Schizophrenia), and seizures. It also helps regulate your sleep schedule and provides a feeling of overall “wellness.” Many CBD products are mixed with other popular supplements like melatonin to achieve a synergistic effect. Some users report even wider applications than these. These claims are (unfortunately) not yet substantiated by any concrete scientific research. But with so many people singing its praises, it’s at least worth a try for many.


When taking CBD, it’s important to start small and find an appropriate dose for your individual needs. Most products come in a variety of concentrations, which is to say, some are “stronger” than others. Everyone’s biology is a little different, so you may need to experiment to find your optimal dosage. You may also want to try a few different types, to see which fits your lifestyle best.


Here are some of the more popular ways to take CBD:



CBD Oil:

CBD oil is possibly the most common form available on the market. It typically comes in liquid form, but can also be packaged in pills and sprays. CBD oil is typically taken once or twice a day like a vitamin. The effects are slow released and tend to last for a longer period. This is the form that is most like a medicine. If you’re wary of the more exotic types of CBD, then an oil or oil variant is probably the one to go with.



Another exciting product line is the world of topical creams/balms. CBD topicals are usually used to treat pain in specific areas. Patients suffering from arthritis and joint pain swear by this stuff. Amazingly, CBD topicals are reported to take effect almost immediately and treat pain that is otherwise untreatable. Even injuries that have persisted for years can be calmed by using CBD creams and lotions. There are even some designer beauty products on the market infused with CBD.




Perhaps the most casual CBD product, edibles come in many different varieties. The most commonly found edibles are gummies but recently CBD-infused food and drink have begun to appear. Edible CBD takes action a little faster than oil but still lasts for hours. The main concern with edibles is the level of CBD present. Several edible products have been found to contain very little CBD, so it’s important to find a good product from a reliable vendor. That said, CBD edibles are quick and easy enough to be used nearly anywhere at any time.



Although a little more niche, CBD vape oil has some interesting and unique benefits. This type of CBD is meant to be used with a vaporizer (or “vape”). Vaporizers come in many different varieties: handheld and stationary, rechargeable and disposable, large and small. When taken this way, CBD enters the bloodstream through the lungs, activating almost instantly. CBD in vape form has been uniquely noted to help with cessation of smoking. It also provides the other more standard benefits, and can be used inside without causing the same kind of damage smoking does (although many public places have formally outlawed vaping indoors).


Overall, CBD has great potential as a dietary supplement. It’s versatile, helps treat many different types of condition, and is growing in popularity at a wild pace. Many people claim to have found their salvation at the hands of their favorite CBD product. If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, just look around. There is no shortage of testimony online and you may already know someone with their own success story. You could also ask a doctor or pharmacist if CBD is something that might help you.



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