Submitted Date 06/02/2022

There are times when I feel as though

You haven't seen me for you do not know

The raw thoughts that live within

The mind that they are imprisoned in.

Free them and they may cause you pain

If your mind does not think the same.

For the way I analyze things now

Even I sometimes wonder if and how

It makes sense at all to anyone

Outside of me or am I the only one?


Would you care? Would you see

That there is so much more to me?

If you knew the darker side

That every day I try to hide

Would you turn away and go?

Or would you still adore me so?


More and more I feel the strain

Between my Self and my brain.

Thoughts that words cannot convey

I try to sort out anyway

With paper and the mighty pen

I wrestle and wonder will I win?


These secrets of mine I cannot bare

Though sometimes I want to share

If only to show you who I am

And not feel like such a sham

For you have seen only what I allow

To come into focus in your sight now

Is the full picture quite so lovely,

Bright and beautiful? Not to me.


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  • Brady Bowen 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    This is a poignant, vulnerable and therefore brave piece. Love it.