Submitted Date 07/25/2021

Right out of the bodega

The real McDonalds of the ghetto

Buy a pack of overpriced cigarettes

Accept the fact that you're taxed to death

Take a puff

Another one, another

Inhale, exhale

Casually miserable

Just like a dildo, every pull stimulates you and gets you off


Pornhub comes in all shapes and sizes

But those posting for Instagram need a reaction

Appearance over substance

They slip in and out of costume

and still maintain a smile


Casually miserable

Take a punch to the mouth

Post that to Instagram

With the right adjustments

Bruised up is the new trendy filter

Anyone can look like a boxer

Anyone can entertain

and roll out their own red carpet


But even those who find their way

under the bright lights

are casually miserable

The press goes into overdrive to keep their demons at bay

They're the only ones that get a pass for being degenerate


We need less actors and more characters

We need people who smile, inside and out

Check their soul

Is it a wall of graffiti

or the community garden that's gotten a lot of investment


Nihilism isn't a good look

Even for the disabled

Don't wear your depression like a badge of honor

You're not a fucking Boy Scout

Casually miserable, loud and proud

Write that shit off

Get a better gig


Lick your lips

Rub some salt onto the breasts that reveal the underworld

Unhinged off of the blazes of glory

Anyone who seeks to will be remade out of the phoenix's fire

Throw away the ashtray

Move off the block

Pack up and move to a different city

Hell is both a landscape and a soundscape

If you hear nothing but stillness

You know you're in the middle of nowhere

In a house of cards made out of biodegradable plastic


Casually miserable

is a vibe

It's also a way of life

You know one day

You'll get too old for this shit

The old timers playing dominoes and chess

can tell you the same thing


Some of them got divorced

Got hammered for all they're worth

From getting verball battered in court

To not being able to sign the papers in peace

Casually miserable

is a vibe

A vibe best to be left alone


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