Submitted Date 10/19/2022




The lights are out, cover up your head,

Don't you dare get out of bed!

The thunder crashes overhead,

here on All Hallows Eve.

Shadows slide across the wall,

Creepy footsteps out in the hall,

The Wolf man and Dracula are having a brawl,

As it storms on All Hallows Eve.

The raven is perched on the windowsill,

The night air is filled with pure evil,

Lightening strikes the creaky windmill,

Here, on All Hallows Eve.

Scarecrows seem to come alive,

In the cornfield, where the night creatures thrive,

You better keep your eyes open wide,

Here on All Hallows Eve,

A black cat crosses the garden gate,

The full moon's glow, it's getting late,

A spider's web, is the fly's awful fate,

Here on All Hallows Eve,

Light a candle, don't sit in the dark,

Waiting and watching, the arms of the clock,

Praying for daylight, tick tock...tick tock,

Here on All Hallows Eve.

What's that noise? What's at the end of the bed?

A hand creeps up and feels my head,

Here on All Hallows Eve.

Just as I'm about to scream, a voice rings out,

"Relax, it seems, you've had a fever,

and a bad dream, here on All Hallows Eve.

Just as I think all is well, and lay back on my pillow,

I hear a voice from the web on the window,

here on All Hallows Eve.

"Help me, help me, it starts to plead,

I think my ears will start to bleed,

"You've left the TV on", my father decreed,

Here on All Hallows Eve.

Then I realize I've nothing to dread,

All these things made up in my head, the sun comes up and the fear goes down,

Until... next All Hallows Eve.








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