Submitted Date 10/13/2021

you make it to your twenties
and you're living in a house with
three or four other people
you go to college and figure it out
you get that job
you marry that man or woman
save up a little money and
you buy that house
get a dog
have some kids and live happily ever after
only sometimes it doesn't work that way
you try the college thing three times
but it doesn't take
and while everyone else is sitting in a class room
you find a job that wants you to come back
day after day
so you keep going back
you keep earning a paycheck that gets you by
and the three or four people graduate
and move out of that house
and you find a cheaper place
you continue to live your life
you continue to get by
trying to figure it out
you get married
and divorced
and find another job and another
and you're on an escalator slowly moving forward
and there is no way off
so you keep following it
and whether or not you have all those material possessions
those same friends
whether or not you hate that job
or your car breaks down
or you don't take a vacation
or you become famous or not
whether you write that novel
or make a difference
make it through life without cancer
it all plays out the same
so it seems rather pointless
to follow the herd and have a plan at all



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