Submitted Date 08/05/2019

While watching the new photorealistic version of The Lion King, my nephew turned to his mom and asked "Is this a true story?" Cutie!!!

Besides some of Elton John's greatest musical numbers, the plot of The Lion King is fairly realistic. The relationship between different animal species, the herd mentality, and certainly the circle of life - which reminds me, not every hero has to have superpowers or alien contact to embark on an exciting and challenging journey. There are many great stories based on successes and failures that aren't quite true but could be. Below are some (human-centered) realistic fiction scenarios that just might prompt your next compelling adventure.

1. MISSED CONNECTION - write about one person's quest to find someone they met briefly. It could be as romantic as two strangers catching eyes across a train platform or as random as a traveler determined to return a lost hat.

2. MAKEOVER - write about a grand makeover, whether of a person or building, interior or exterior

3. REFUGEE - write about a family forced to escape their land

4. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING - write about a confirming experience that connected a person to God

5. CAUGHT IN THE ACT - write about a person caught in a double life as a performer of some kind

6. ADOPTION - write about someone finding out that they were adopted, or finding their birth parents

7. END IS BEGINNING - write based on the last sentence of your favorite realistic fiction or non-fiction book

8. A SPECIAL CLUB - write about someone creating an unusual club or committee

9. BUSINESS DEALINGS - write about the ups and downs of starting a small business

10. GOING VIRAL - write about a person who wakes up to find their post unintentionally went viral

11. FAN FANTASY - write about how a chance encounter on social media leds a fan to meeting their favorite celebrity in real life

12. BETTER WITH AGE - write about an elderly person who breaks a sports record

13. AWAKENED SENSES - write about someone who experiences sound or sight for the first time through technology

14. NEXT BIG THING - write about a family who comes up with the next big invention

15. MISTAKEN IDENTITY - write about a person who takes advantage of being mistaken for someone else


ANDREA HOPE is a poet, editor, and world citizen, whose works have won acclaim in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Her poetry books To Mother and Will You Break the Silence? are available on Amazon.


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