Submitted Date 02/21/2022

One of the hardest things about writing is exposing yourself to the vulnerability of pouring your soul onto a piece of paper for everyone to see. Even if you're writing fiction, there is a piece of you in every part of the story. Every word, scene, character, and plot lives in your head before it reflects in the eyes of your reader.

The best writers open those dark and private corners of their hearts and minds for everyone to see. Writers who face the sting of criticism or the fear of rejection are the only ones who get a chance to reap the rewards of sharing their words with their readers.

As writers, we have the opportunity to shape the world with our ideas. Sure, not everything we write will be a home run. And sometimes we may feel that we're spilling our souls onto deaf ears. But we may never know how our words impact just one person. We may never know that what we wrote resonated in the heart of someone who needed to hear exactly what we needed to write.

So when you feel the urge to put words on paper, to tap a keyboard, or jot ideas into a notebook, don't hold back. Don't wait. Don't get deterred by fear or judgement. Don't doubt your story. Write it. And keep writing it until you feel the relief that only a writer who has completely exhausted themselves into a page can feel. Your words and the impact they make can live forever. And that's a powerful thing. It's a powerful thing to be a writer.

Kudos to every writer who's making their heart vulnerable in the hopes of healing someone else's.


    Tanya Marion is the author of Tyne E. Tells, a fiction novel for 8 to 12-year-olds, and the founder of WriteSpike.com.

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