Submitted Date 10/07/2018

Let me go to where my heart can feel,

Where a moment is not something I must steal,

Lead me to one who shows me they care,

One I can sense will always be there,

I feel lost in a world where my mind is not free,

Where I will never be allowed to just be me,

Why does it hurt so if it is always the same,

They all promise the world while using love's name,

This is never the case, or maybe it is just me,

Am I the problem, the one I cannot see,

I am never enough or always need to change,

But choosing one to make them different seems to me, a bit strange,

Why profess to love one and then ask them to be who they are not,

Did you never love who they were, or is it simply forgot,

The little things that make me uniquely me,

Did they slip your mind, or did you choose not to see,

The pain you cause me I swallow and hide,

Waiting for the end of this roller coaster ride,

You say the words I so long to hear,

While degrading the person and leaving nothing but fear,

Time, alone will decide if I weather the pain,

But this silent indifference is making me insane,

Please love me for who I am and for what you can see,

Not for who you can make me or wish I would be.

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