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Chapter 1 First day of college


It's Monday morning in a small town called Lakeside up in the desert of California

Tiffany Is just waking up and she takes a look at the time it's 8 in the morning she's thinking to herself I need to get ready for class. But realizing that her girlfriend Gia is still asleep she slowly tries to get up without waking her up. As! She slowly starts to move the covers and she hears a moan.


Gia: What are you doing so early?


Tiffany: today is my first day of college; remember?


Gia: I'm sorry babe I forgot! Do you want me to make you breakfast?


Tiffany: No, it's okay! I will pick up something on the way.


Gia: Okay babe see you later have a good day at school.


Tiffany: okay love you


As! Tiffany is finished dressing up for school she leans closer to Gia to kiss her;


Gia: if you keep doing this I might not let you leave.


Tiffany: I know, but I have to go, sorry love!


Tiffany starts walking out of the room and Gia tries to control herself biting gently on her lips thinking why did I let her go. Oh! my God, what am I thinking?


Chapter 2 Parking Lot


As Tiffany is driving getting ready to enter the school campus she gets a red light she starts to worry if there's still time she turns her head looking for her phone suddenly there's a honk she jumps looking at where it came from but as she's turning something cashes her eyes the honking is loud but she is completely focused on what she saw. Suddenly there's a knock on her right side window. Is a very angry man asking what's wrong with you? can't you see that the light is green? move your car out of the way.


Tiffany: I am so sorry


Angry driver: are you okay?


Tiffany: yes Sr. again I apologize


Angry driver: are you sure you look like you saw a ghost or something, you be careful now.


Tiffany: I will! thank you


Tiffany starts turning into the college parking lot and she realized that it was full. She's thinking oh my god I am going to be so late for class. But as she approaches the last parking line there's a car leaving. She's thinking that I still have ten minutes to get to class.



Chapter 3 Classroom


Tiffany holding her class schedule walking towards her class, she opens the door and walks in.

The Social Studies teacher welcomes everyone to her class and introduces herself. Hello everyone you can call me Mrs. Lee. As she continues to talk Tiffany starts to look around the class suddenly there's a low whisper; am I in the right class? Tiffany has that same look on her face, stunned and paralyzed. Miss Lee quickly replies.


Mrs. Lee: What is your name?


Becky: she replies Becky Simons


Mrs. Lee: Yes, you are on my list. Please take a seat and welcome me to my class.


Tiffany is still speechless with that look on her face thinking oh my god this can't be happening to me! It's her! As much as she wants to run out of that class her heart feels heavy with a hole in her stomach and sweaty hands as her eyes are focused on Becky. Tiffany turns to see if anyone has noticed her as she's turning her head back to Becky to her surprise Becky is gazing right back at her, Tiffany with a big smile on her face tells Becky there's an empty seat here if you don't mind seating on the back?


Becky: thanks! and what is your name?


Tiffany: Tiffany Tomahawk, but you can call me Tif


Becky: Pleasure to meet you Tif, you have a beautiful smile? You can stare at me all you want


Tiffany thought: did she just flirt with me? I have a girlfriend, this is so awkward. What should I say?


Tiffany: am sorry


Becky: don't be, am flattered


Becky: Hey, do you want to go for a coffee after class?


Tiffany: Before anything, I have a girlfriend. So of course, if you want to hang out as friends of course I will.


Becky: Oh, of course, I'm sure your girlfriend wouldn't mind you having friends! Would she?


Tiffany: smiling, no she has always instead of me having friends.


Chapter 4 Coffee Shop


Class is over and Tiffany and Becky head to the coffee shop across from the school campus. Tiffany is still unsure of what to make of all these feelings of confusion and uncertainty when she's around Becky. But one thing is for sure not once has she stopped and thought of her long-time girlfriend, it's as if she has completely forgotten about her.


As they are approaching the coffee shop Becky notices that Tiffany is nervous. So she starts a conversation.


Becky: So Tiffany, how long have you been with your girlfriend?


Tiffany thinking: omg really. I wasn't even thinking about her. Oh, well just go with it.


Tiffany: It's going to be 6 years next month. And you! Are you with anyone?


Becky: No, I am single. Just talking to someone, but nothing serious. It's hard finding someone you can relate to.


Tiffany: Yes, I agree.


Becky: Tif if you don't mind me asking? Are you happy in your relationship?


Tiffany: Thinking, wow, I was not expecting that question. Just be honest.


Tiffany: I think there's no perfect relationship! So I am not going to lie. We are trying to work on it.


Becky: Oh, do you want to talk about it?


Tiffany: No, not really.


Becky: I understand. Well, let's change the subject! What is your major? And why go back to school now?


Tiffany: Business Administration. I just felt it was the right time. And you? What's your story?


Becky: My focus is law, I've always wanted to do something involving litigation. Am starting now because I have time.


Becky: It's getting late, I better get home. Nice talking to you, see you next Monday in class.


Tiffany: Sorry, didn't even notice It was that late. Yes, I will see you next Monday.


As they both are getting up and ready to walk out of the coffee shop Becky gives this eye glance at Tiffany, wanting to stay a little longer. Tiffany with this weird feeling of confusion but also wanting to stay and talk more. There is no doubt that there is a link between the two.


Chapter 5 The drive home


As Tiffany is driving home she can't seem to get Becky out of her mind. It's like everything is playing back in slow motion with a weird stomach feeling of pressure. She starts to approach the gate to her apartment complex when she realizes that her girlfriend is out in the parking lot.


Tiffany: Thinking, What the heck did she get off work early?


This feeling of quilt started building up inside Tiffany wondering what was to happen now? Her relationship with Gia has not been all good for some time now. But that was not an excuse for unfaithfulness. The thought of her betraying Gia was excruciating.


As Tiffany is getting ready to get out of her car she sees Gia approaching through her left side mirror.


Gia: Hi babe I got off early wanted to surprise you but I guess not. Are you hungry? Do you want to order in? Does Chinese sound good? Yes, or no?


Tiffany: Thinking, I am not in the mood for anything with that puzzled look on her face.


Tiffany: no babe am not that hungry right now, sorry.


Gia: Is everything okay?


Tiffany: Yeah, just had a long day at school. I just want to relax.


Gia: Okay babe whatever you say but you seem to be here physically and mentally somewhere else.


Both Gia and Tiffany start walking to the apartment Gia can't stop talking but it seems that Tiffany is wandering off somewhere else. As they approach their apartment Gia is the first one to go in. She walks straight to the kitchen to see the pile of dishes in the sink and her son Matthew sitting in the living room playing video games. You can see Gia's face get serious and about to go off on her son.


Tiffany: Babe am going for a walk.


Gia: okay


As soon as Tiffany starts walking out she can hear Gia going off on Matthew. Gia, I know you made this mess. I left the house clean before I left to work and we are just getting back now. You've been here all day, why didn't you pick up after yourself?


Tiffany walks away from the apartment with a feeling of relief when the sound of the argument fades away. A lot of things cross her mind and Becky is one of them.


Tiffany thought: why didn't I ask for her number with this frustrating look on her face.



To be continued.....



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