Submitted Date 08/18/2022

I am disabled and non-binary, I decided to write about this because I felt it was time. I've been through so much before and after my accident, that I haven't had time to think or worry about my individuality. Likewise, I identify as male was born female, not many people know this not because I haven't publicly come out but because I am a conservative and I like my privacy. But since I want to inspire and motivate a different way of thinking for everyone as human beings, not one single race, gender, or disability. I believe this is the right moment!​.​ The first thing I would like to talk about is directness of your gender look. This is my opinion regarding public opinions on gender image. If you take away sight, you are not afraid of what is different. The reason we judge is that we ignore all other senses. "Thy eye is a liar of a person's true self". We have a bad habit of looking first instead of getting to know the person in front of us. Our History tells us how wrong we've been doing this. For example, slavery what was the root of that belief?​ The fact that African Americans had a different color from us. It was decided that they couldn't be our equals because society didn't know better. Many generations still believe this today, and that is one of our biggest problems now in this advanced world. "How can we encourage change"? By learning to ignore what we see and get to know the person before, we pass judgment on. I restrain myself from judging by giving the benefit of the doubt I decide who I want to be around based on your behavior not on your looks, race, religion, or gender. I encourage you to try next time you see someone in a line or restaurant to reach out and greet them and try to be nonjudgmental. "That's how I started". Change starts with one person.




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