Submitted Date 06/05/2023

Everyone's in the same boat

Luckily not without anything else big anchoring it down

Lions and tigers and bears, that kind of shit

Everyone has some kind of debt

Maybe it's the new flex, new hip trend

Everyones in the same kind of boat

Maybe it's the next Titanic

Whether they're native

Or they're immigrating here from some mythical faraway land

Bringing with them everything they have

All their baggage, emotional, fiscal or otherwise

This boat seems like it's taking a detour

Straight down under

There's no iceberg to latch onto

And our safety vests, such precious hand-me-downs

Can only do so much

Drowning, we're drowning

And what people, sorry, not people

What our elders seem to have forgotten to tell us

Is that when you're drowning

Your bootstraps also get soaked


What's next for people who think like us

And can't seem to get ahead

Everyone's in some kind of debt

And whether they realize it or not

They sold their lot in life, their future

To the highest bidder who doesn't even have the balls

To show their face


Everyone's in some kind of debt

No one can stay ontop of the interest

No one's taking this shit seriously enough

Playing with action figures or dolls

Buying season-long tickets when the seasons don't even really change


But they need it after all

A certain amount of stimulation

A certain amount of calories consumed per day

They can't be satisfied


They never grew up

Still acting like f'cking children

But they'll still get sent the bill

And they're drowning

All that earwax is coming out

Torn dollar bills that can never be taped back together

Drowning, drowning

Everyone's running away from what's in sight

On a hamster wheel

Nobody wants to work

Laying flat and making out with the pavement

Everyone wants to give up

When they're already floating back to the surface


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