Submitted Date 09/07/2019

Keep going, should I? Shall I?
What do I have to lose?
Keep going, shan't I? Won't I?
Who has lit the fuse?

Go on, say they, they say;
Trudge through the mush and sludge.
Go on, hey day, may day,
Get on and beat the drudge.

I have a choice, you see:
To enter or to fade.
I'll have to choose, which be,
To plunge or to "get paid."

The dream lies out ahead of me,
The title I have worked to gain.
A few more days, a few more years,
It might be mine; is it too vain?

Just breathe, and you will truly know;
What tumult is there now?
Far gone it is; you breathe like snow
Collecting on the plow.


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  • Ceara 4 years ago

    I think your language is really interesting and your rhyming is done well. Thanks for sharing!