Submitted Date 10/24/2019

For those of us who can't afford the luxury looks that walk down the runway each season, we need to turn to other kinds of fashion inspiration. My favorite? Characters from my favorite television shows! While they may be styled by a highly-paid team, the looks they create are typically styles for regular people. You can always count on an on-screen character to make you pause the show just to admire a cute outfit you may want to replicate. These are my favorite TV Style icons.

1. Sabrina Spellman (90's Sitcom Sabrina that is)

Everyone can appreciate the era of 90s fashion, which we see being regenerated every so often like in today's decade. The best part about Sabrina's vintage teen wardrobe was how it reflected her cute, clean, and sometimes edgy personality. Her looks are always appropriate, yet totally attractive!

2. Blair Waldorf

Even if you haven't seen the CW's Gossip Girl, you've probably heard of the iconic looks that Leighton Meester's character gets to wear as she portrays the most elite NYC upper east sider. While Waldorf's looks are built on expensive designer brands, there is no reason we can't try to dupe the looks ourselves for a better price. The best part about Blair's look is the high-class aesthetic that is always clean-cut, girly, and extremely intimidated. Dress like Blair and you'll walk with confidence everywhere you go.

3. Mickey Dobbs

On the Netflix romantic-comedy sitcom LOVE, Gillian Jacobs plays the problematic, carefree, Los Angeles bad-a** b*tch. Her looks are more current for the casual "hipster" who is still transitioning into the life of being a real adult. The best part about her looks is that they're trendy, versatile and easy to find at thrift stores and popular stores that us half-adults can afford.

4. Barney Stinson

If you've seen How I Met Your Mother, need I say more? If you haven't all you need to know about the Stinson style is SUITS. Not only is his famous phrase "suit up" but his character even at one point performs an entire musical number about his beloved fashion favorite. Neil Patrick Harris plays Stinson as a womanizer, a**hole, occasional psychopath, but also admirably impressed with himself. All I'm saying is that you've just got to give credit to someone who has eliminated "casual" from their wardrobe.

5. Jessa Johannson

From the moment Jemima Kirke appears on screen as Jessa in HBO's Girls, her look makes you fall in love. Her look is extremely envious, with a beautiful eclectic wardrobe of casual, designer, trendy, free-spirited… need I go on? Jessa's looks are a work of art for a modern girl, beautifully complementing her outstanding TV personality.


I hope you enjoyed reflecting on some of the best fashionistas on the small screen!

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