Submitted Date 12/10/2019

The feather parachutes down

His head collapses onto the pillow

Secluded onto an island all to himself

Her lighthouse points west

From east she paddles

Swimming in one's thoughts


Deep in slumber

A couple of pennies are stolen

Quarters exchanged into wishes

A pack of cigarettes are smoked

More feathers pile up near an overpopulated dumpster

And the scented fume trickles upward towards Mother Nature's summit


The summit, the supermarket at the center of it all

A place to try to escape from what is wrong

Where you don't have to feel helpless


Coconuts, pineapples; savory in divinity

Koalas greet you on your way in

As they stand on coaling branches

Super thick and super thin



The sweets and delights leave you dazed

The light, like a bow, wraps itself around all who enter

And the fruity aura peels it away,

And with that, your airways open up


All the packaged meats stuff your throat full

The oversized broccoli and carrots crunch through your disbelief and leave a mark

And in time, a whole cast of assorted animals appear in character

Yet you look in the cash registers

Only to be found are nickels and dimes

Away from her, all that piles up

is wasted time


She won't let your fingertips slip out

Save what can be

Reach out

Take it in all until you can't


She'll reach you, oh she'll reach you.

By the highways that no one can see

That cant be tracked by compass or the miles forged at sea


A millennia might pass

But that supermarket is closer than you think

Closer than you believe



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