Submitted Date 12/11/2019


The naked corn on the cob, devoured

Kernels of gold blow by the sunflowers and reach out for the horizon

The little chunks left are jammed into the synapses of the teeth

Smile with those pearly whites for the spotty clouds high up

A puzzle is on display

The pieces remain jagged and spread out


On the gracious pastures

Cows drip in purity

The sheep at bay, soaked in the heat, with blankets of their own

We are all bystanders to the forces that be

Coming from the run-down suburbs which one flees

Massive like an empire


Hitchhike next to the untapped reservoir

Past the fertile oak trees

Walk a mile with no shoes at all

A few pigeons perched as witness

Immersed in the foreign landscape under construction


Civilization itself is a construct

Amber to ember

Bound to fall



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