Submitted Date 08/16/2022

f I were a fish
explorer of darkened cobalt vaults
a ghostly gliding hiss my song
my thoughts would be liquidity
like cyan electricity
and swim, I would

If I were a bird
a zephyr-riding acrobatic singer
but one in nature's symphony
my heart's exclamation would be free
like the rising eyes of the released
and fly, I would

If I were a deer
a dun-coated bolt of lightning
the gentle tree-templed priest of speed
the chase would be my benediction
blessed would my journey be
and run, I would

If I were a serpent
onyx oiled coils unwinding
the hiss of a hundred syllables mine
and never have a gentle dream
reveries of red
and coil, I would

If I were a bull
ever angry at the younger kings
a rumbling, raging crownêd storm
crowned with the spears of MINE
the siring sentry
and rush, I would

If I were a wolf
a carrier of the canticle
mourning the moon's distance eternally
my thoughts always of the pack
a collective savagery
and range, I would

Alas, to be born a man
made to sublimate one special spell
cruel barbaric baseball
harming for pleasure, taking for counting
and we accept the honor of
being the only ones
and rest, fucking rest.
I would. I will.
I do.

Brady S BowenI like pretty words.


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