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September is that wonderful time of year where some of us are hanging onto summer for dear life, and some of us are sipping cider while we pick out pumpkins. The seasons are changing, the leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter and PSL's are on the menu at Starbucks. 'Tis the season of Halloween.

Halloween can be awesome. Halloween can also be stressful. Picking a costume can be challenging. Making a costume from scratch demands a great amount of commitment and dedication. Buying a costume can feel tacky, and uninspired. This can cause some not to participate at all. Halloween may not be for everyone though a good costume can change your mind. This collection of costumes suit families or larger groups of friends. Most of these are store-bought versions that provide an image to work from. It can be fun finding items spontaneously thrifting around town and hopefully because it's only September there is time to hunt down articles that feel true to character.

Television Characters


The Addams Family is a classic cast of iconic characters. This family won the contest with their interpretation of the family. The colors are easy to find, a sexy black dress with a thigh-high slit is absolutely essential. Gomez has a signature mustache and slicked hair—not shown? Although Lurch, the kids and cousin Itt all make an appearance.


Stranger Things is a great option for groups. This show is fun for kids and adults. There are so many characters to choose from. Eleven specifically has two, possibly three aesthetics. Season one with her iconic pink dress, bloody nose, and a cheap wig—or shaved head. Season two sports her short curly bob, baggy hand-me-down wardrobe or her slicked-back gothic style. Season three is fun poppy colors that are inspired by the 80s. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, or Will are easy costumes to build from. Joyce and Hopper for the parents. Even Nancy and Steve "Hair-ington" can join in the fun. Grab some of those obnoxiously large portable phones and complete the look.



Teen Titans Go is a popular television series that is also a great solution for costume conundrums this year. These characters use color powerfully. Starfire is mostly pink. Find a wig or dye your hair for a weekend. A sweet purple skirt, top and boots will complete her look. Robin is a popular character in the stores so you can cheat on this one, or make your own. Cyborg is half robot which suggests you could get creative with tin foil here. Beast Boy is green, all you need is a bit of costume make up, and a onesie. Raven is purple and grey, what a fantastic reason to purchase a cloak.


Movie Characters


Hocus Pocus is a cult-classic movie all about Halloween. Obviously the Sanderson Sisters are the first choices but don't forget there's a talking cat Binx, the zombie, Satan, and the kids; Max and Dani. The witch's costumes are available at the store but are fast sellers. These articles would be easy to scrounge up easily if you're feeling spunky.


Coco is a new Disney favorite for trick or treaters young and old. Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos and Halloween with this cast of characters. The makeup seems to take the brunt of this project, the rest is finding fun and colorful dresses, and maybe a guitar.


Enter the Spiderverse by becoming a Spiderman from each dimension. There are plenty of options for everyone. Spider Gwen, Miles, or Noir Spiderman. Stick with classic Peter Parker with or without the sweatpants.

Music Icons

One exciting idea is to let everyone in your group pick a celebrity or in this case musician to re-create. These are just a few icons that can get those creative juices flowing.


Bruce Springsteen is perfect for those were "Born to Run" from house to house begging for candy. This simple look is probably already in your closet.


Beyonce has several looks worth creating a Halloween costume for. In her music video for "Single Ladies", she wears this black leotard, dangling earrings, and boots.


Kurt Cobain is a soul gone too soon for many. He was absurd and poetic. Mimick the looks in one of his last photo shoots.


Britney is another legend that has a ton of style, that is worthy of some costume ideas. This particular outfit might be quick to throw together. All white, crop top and cargo pants are all you need for this costume idea.


Stevie Nicks serves up witchy vibes with flowy skirts, black scarves and some whimsy with this top hat. A tambourine is optional but encouraged.


Finally, Jimmy Hendrix is foxy in these striped pants, heeled boots, and mustard dress shirt with frills in the front. An embroidered vest adds presentation to his dress. The colors are vivid and irresistible.

Classic Halloween Costumes


Clowns can be truly haunting, but if your family is up for it, scare the neighborhood with these creepy variations.


Create a pack of wolves within your group. There is a wolf costume for every member of your family. Halloween will be a howling good time.


This little guy is trekking through the jungle with his animal companions.






There are all kinds of animals in the jungle but these might be the cutest. Let the wild out this year and dress up as your favorite.

Video Game Characters


Become your favorite video game characters with this Nintendo classic. With fun characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi it's impossible not to smile.


You or someone you know plays Fortnite. It is extremely possible this costume idea could get a reluctant costume participant dressed up for the witching hour.


Another great option for a large group or family is Pokemon. There are nearly endless options for characters and pokemon to emulate. This group is full of costume inspiration for this year's Halloween extravaganza.







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