Submitted Date 06/15/2022

I fell into a dream
When I fell in love with you,
I lingered into a sleepless realm
Where one day short would never do
Forever has new meaning
When I gaze into your eyes,
You stare into my soul
And you see the pain that I disguise
Your whisper is that caress
That puts my soul at ease,
You tell me what I need to know
Before I get down on my knees
You're my weakness in the morning
You're my weakness in the night,
You're my strength in this world of chaos
My shield maiden when I must fight
Who am I without you?
But a sword without a name,
Achilles had Briseis
Yet the story remains the same
The Fallen are immortalized
Changed profoundly and they know it,
The way I fell in love with you
My heart shall be like the House of the Tragic Poet.

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