Submitted Date 02/29/2024

What do you do when you see a young child responding to a complex task in a way that's different from their peers? Do you remind them how to stick to expectations or limit their boundaries to what their job entails? Or will you allow them to step back and watch them grow in their own unique space?

Finding and nurturing young talent can be a difficult task. Since most talented people growing up tend to be different from most people their age, they often need to be more understood due to differences in mindset. This can end in two ways: they decide to change their perspectives to fit into the crowd. Two, they stick to their individuality and work on their artistic abilities.

Although, if you wish for children to embrace their artistic sides and embrace the uniqueness they were born with, here are a few ways you can help them to nurture their talents.

Acknowledging Skills, Strengths, and Talents

Many professionals that coach artists have encountered the problem of needing help to see themselves the way other people see their abilities and unique talents.

When these coaches asked these artists to describe their art and the qualities that made them unique, most replied with answers that underestimated their positive attributes and were more focused on inadequacies.

Consequently, artists must learn to appreciate their abilities. They should start writing a list of their best qualities and the skills that make that unique amongst their peers. They can even let other loved ones add to that list. The artist must develop a positive self-image to ensure a healthy, energetic, and creative lifestyle.

Being Alone With Your Art

Creative spaces are sacred places that do not allow the entry of other people aside from you. Many artists have had to compromise on being with their families or hanging out with friends. And even though it is important to prioritize both sides of your life, you must let your close ones know when it is time for you to be left alone with your art.

Start placing guilt-free restrictions on your excessive family and social demands and give yourself a healthy balance to indulge in your social and artistic activities. The influence of nurturing one's art in an encouraging environment can help them unravel so many aspects of their abilities, skills, mindsets, morals, and so much more.

There are some places where you can also seek professional assistance in getting yourself the ideal creative education you need to enhance your artistic journey toward a lucrative career.

Consider Evenant - a revered online education platform that was made to move past the old traditional and outdated ways of education and, instead, introduce new ways of implementing education in the modern world.

The company was founded by Walid Feghali and Arn Andersson in 2015 with a vision of using Evenant to offer practical courses and programs that allow creatives to enhance themselves with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities within creative industries. And while most of their roots lie in music and art education, they have also grown to encompass an approach towards a creative career, integrating aspects like health, mindset, and business skills.

The community at Evenant provides a unique space that enables vast communication, collaboration, networking, and support that helps creatives come together and obtain unique job opportunities. Many of their students have gone on to get paid gigs and have their work used by big-name companies such as Disney, Marvel, and other prominent global players.


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