Submitted Date 04/22/2021

I was editor and writer for a great magazine called Hermes. We were publishing articles on esoteric, theological and magical topics, including book reviews, interviews and art themes. We were all having such fun contributing and I say all because there were a number of us writers posting articles and thoughts, blogs and reviews. It was a positive, upbeat magazine that was gaining popularity, then tragedy struck, the dark forces attacked, our website was hacked!

Hacked beyond repair! We were all devestated, all that hard work, those hundreds of hours of writing, those thousands upon thousands of work eaten up by some spiteful malware.

But this is Hermes, Hermes always has messages from the gods and to the gods. And so Hermes rose out of the ashes and has been reborn as Hermes Risen.

We are open for submissions & if you wish to send us articles just send your piece and a short bio to the email address on the contact page.

Hermes has Risen, Hermes lives! Find us here-


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